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Contact & Directions

GPS location: 50.53 -116.15416666666667

Google maps is not accurate with our address and so when you use a GPS or your cellphone then you better put in the GPS coordinates instead of our address!

  • Go to the town of Invermere [when you are on the 93/95 turn off to town at the intersection with lights [there is a Tim Hortons at the corner]]
  • Follow the road – after a few minutes you will drive down on a big hill and you can see the big lake on your left hand
  • You will pass a gas station [Centrex] and which is on your left hand side
  • Keep going straight at the lights
  • You will go over a bridge [over the rail road tracks] and then immediately take a right into the direction of “Panorama”
  • This road is called “Toby Creek Road”
  • Stay on Toby Creek road for 6 km. / 4 miles
  • Make a right onto Houlgrave Road [there are five sets of mailboxes on your right-hand side]
  • Stay on Houlgrave Road for another 6 km. / 4 miles [there are quite a few turns in Houlgrave Road: just stay on the main road] – our property is the last property on Houlgrave Road at the very end of it and where the dead end is!
  • Towards the end, Houlgrave Road turns to the right [don’t go straight: that’s Veysey Road and which is a dead end 'cul de sac'] – after this turn it’s about 1 more km / ½ a mile
  • When you come through the gate stay on the drive-way which goes to the right.
  • Drive past the house [400 meters from the gate] and continue the road up.
  • Call us when you have arrived at the barn

House of the Friesians

  • Balance and Danny
  • 3054 Houlgrave Road
    Invermere, BC, Canada V0A1K5
  • +1 (250) 688-9714 [Balance]
  • +1 (250) 688-9470 [Danny]
  • bookings@hotf-lodging.com