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Cooking class

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And yes, let’s organize a cooking class for your group! It’s not only about food………….it’s an experience!

Preparing your meal all together with help from our professional chef and then enjoying your meal all together is so much fun and such a great experience!

And of course all ingredients are locally grown, eco-friendly and homemade!

And you will love the setting: in “The Shelter” you will prepare your meal and depending on the weather you will enjoy your meal inside the shelter or, outside and in front of the shelter. Of course, our famous BBQ’s and which are heated by wood will add that special touch to your experience!

“The Shelter” is spacious [50 x 32’] and with it’s full glass front you will enjoy and appreciate the breathtaking views on the mountains!

Depending on the time of the year and availability of fresh ingredients:

Breakfast $20.00 a person [minimum 12 persons]

  • Fresh orange and grapefruit juice
  • Fresh coffee, tea
  • Veggie omelettes [with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, spinage, etc.]
  • Toast and French croissants
  • Fresh buns
  • Cheese, ham and bacon

Lunch $30.00 a person [minimum 12 persons]

Dinner I: $30.00 a person [minimum 12 persons]

Dinner II: $50.00 a person [minimum 12 persons

Dinner II: $75.00 a person [minimum 12 persons]